Monster Football League

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Monster Football League

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I bought some "Snap" helmets from David Jingo (jngz on eBay) recently which included something I hadn't seen before.


Apparently these were available in gumball machines at some point. Along with the helmets were stickers for teams in a fictional Monster Football League. In addition to the standard side logos and center stripes were faces to be cut out and put inside the helmets. The lot included whole unpeeled sticker blocks for 8 different teams: Oakland One-eyes, Philadelphia Frankensteins, Dallas Demons, Washington Weirdos, Seattle Snakes, Miami Mummies, Pittsburgh Pirahnas [sic], and San Francisco Slimers. Scan of the stickers is first attachment.

There were also loose faces which included three that were not in the 8 intact ones, and three name logos which I can only assume go with the three faces. the 3 other teams were: Cincinatti [sic] Werewolves, Arizona Aliens, and New York Nightmares. My best guess at the three matched names and faces is the second attachment. There were lots of loose stripe stickers but I have no way of guessing which goes with the face/name matches that seem appropriate.

Presented here for documentation and in case anyone wants to make their own. I have no information about what year these might have been produced or whether there might have been additional teams not represented here.



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