For Trade - OPI Carded Gumball Helmets 1970's

For information about gumball helmets in general and the collecting thereof.
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For Trade - OPI Carded Gumball Helmets 1970's

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I am interested in trading any two (2) pictured above for one (1) of the following.

Vikings, Packers, Cowboys, Redskins, Giants, Eagles, Raiders, Chiefs, Steelers, Bengals, Bills.

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Re: For Trade - OPI Carded Gumball Helmets 1970's

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Hello John, you have recently purchased some of these carded gumball helmets from me on EBay, I just posted others prior to reaching out here. You purchased a Vikings and Raiders which are on their way to you currently...And a Chiefs that has not been shipped as of yet. Is the list posted here current otherwise? I have a Bills with a blue face mask ,a Redskins and a Packers( not listed yet)
I could use the Browns and Cards if you still have them from the ones pictured, as upgrades to my set. Also, in your opinion, does my pricing seem accurate?, given the rarity, thanks in advance , Dave.
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